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Country Girl Fishing Naked

My luck at fishing is only slightly worse than it is for running across a country girl fishing naked. I’m sure it helps to live in a warm state where country girls can go out and get a tan on hot, sunny days. Whoever gets to fish with this hot country babe that likes to

Naked Chick Fishing In Public

Do You Think This Naked Girl Really Fishes? OK, I love a good fantasy, but what are the odds that a girl will go fishing, naked, wearing high heels along a busy city sea wall. Pretty much ZERO. So despite the fact that she had a rod in her hand (and between her legs) I’m

Sexy Nude Girl Going Fishing in the Desert

Spring in the desert means time to get naked and fish! Anyone want to make bets on where this gal is wandering around naked at? Anyone recognize that river or lake? One thing is for sure, she is hiking the wrong way if she wants to get to the water.