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Canadian bikini fishing babe chugging beer

Gotta love those Canadian girls! They know how to make the most of their short summer with skimpy clothes and lots and lots of beer. Something I never knew, and this is shocking considering my redneck roots is that they make tools for shotgunning beer.

Ava Is Back And Still Looking Sexy

Ava Isn’t Fishing Topless This Time But She Is Still Sexy If you missed the first post that featured Ava topless on the bass boat, you might want to check that post out. We don’t get to see as many hot gals as you fishing Ava so we thank you for tightening the fronts of

The Best Fishing Buddy Ever!

A hot girl that fishes topless is awesome! I bet any guys rafting the river were wanting to stop when they saw this gal hanging out with the guys fishing.