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Topless Country Girl Fishing

Who Needs A Bikini Top? Going topless while you are out fishing seems pretty natural for this country girl.  Check it out, she barely has any tan lines.  That is a pretty wimpy Perch she has though. LOL Guess everyone is too distracted by the fact she is fishing topless to care.  

Just A Girl Fishing Topless

Who Doesn’t Like Half Naked Girls Fishing? Only downside I can think of to girl fishing topless (besides surprise pierced nipples) is that you don’t pay attention to your fishing line. Lets be honest, how long would it take for you to get used to your hot female fishing buddy sitting there with no top

Topless Girl Trout Fishing

Catch And Release Boobies She is a responsible fishing girl, practicing catch and release.  Don’t mind that she is sexy and a girl fishing topless.  That isn’t distracting at all!  LOL  Who else here wishes that more girls would go fishing topless?

Hot Topless Girl Fishing

Is That a Piranha That Girl Is Holding? I could very well be wrong, but this girl is not only fishing topless (and possibly nude) but it looks to me like she is holding up a Piranha that she caught?  Am I wrong on this? Naked fishing is one thing but one slip and that

Amateur Woman Fishing Topless

She Was Fishing in Her Bikini Top This sexy gal started off the day fishing in her bikini top and then decided that it was too restricting, so she pulled it off and started fishing topless.  Personally I think it is an improvement! First one boob out of her bikini top.  Mind the fishing reel

Woman fishing in just her panties!

This cute gal isn’t quite nude, but her panties don’t leave a lot to the imagination.  Where are all the hot fishing chicks up here in the Northwest?  I am betting this was shot in the south somewhere since she isn’t pasty white, chubby and wearing a NorthFace jacket.  ‘Cmon northwest gals.  Warm weather is