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Canadian bikini fishing babe chugging beer

Gotta love those Canadian girls! They know how to make the most of their short summer with skimpy clothes and lots and lots of beer. Something I never knew, and this is shocking considering my redneck roots is that they make tools for shotgunning beer.

Take A Hot Wife Fishing

Sexy Blonde Hot Wife Showing Off Her Catch Not all pretty women are prissy, and this is definitely true of country girls. Take this little blonde hot wife that is out fishing with her guy. Yes she is catching fish and slinging bait, but she is looking damn fine doing it, even if she isn’t

Got Blonde With Big Tits Fishing

Who Is Ready For Bikini Weather To Return? I’m up in the Northwest and as I’ve said before, I’m jealous of the Florida guys because it is bikini weather here for like 3 days out of the year. Makes it hard to find hot girls to go fishing half naked with you.

Hot Girl Fishing Naked At Sunset

Hot Sexy Blonde Naked Fishing – Sounds Perfect! Yeah, ending your day with a hot blonde gal down in Florida fishing sounds pretty nice to just about everyone I can think of. As you will often hear me lament the up here in the Northwest, we barely have a bikini worthy summer, so the number

Topless Blonde Girl Catching Perch

Topless Hot Blonde Girl Fishing Really do like this shot of this hot blonde girl, fishing topless, holding up the perch she just caught. Mainly because she is sexy as hell, and she obviously actually fishes instead of just posing with a fishing rod and pretending. Does your girlfriend fish and is she hotter than

Hot Girl In A Bikini Fishing

Hot Fishing Girl In Just Her Bikini Nice blonde gal in a hot pink bikini out fishing? Yes please! I’ll take a hot fishing girl like her out any day!

Hot Blonde Girl Catfishing

Big Breasts, A Bikini And She Likes To Fish This gal looks like a keeper to me. She is cute, has big boobs and likes to go fishing for catfish in just her bikini. That is my kind of gal! Are there any other hot catfishing girls out there? Send us in your hottest fishing

Girlfriend Topless Holding Her Fish

Is This Fishing Girl Topless Or Not? This pic got posted on Imgur and there is no explanation as to if she is topless or not. I prefer to imagine that she pulled her top down and held the fish up to cover her naughty bits while her boyfriend took some pics. Nothing like a

Nude Girl Fishing With a Big Rod

Nude, Fishing and Blonde I think this is one of the hotter nude fishing girls I’ve seen. Fit body, awesome hair and face… We can only hope this hot fishing girl can handle that big rod when the time comes!