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Amateur Woman Fishing Topless

She Was Fishing in Her Bikini Top This sexy gal started off the day fishing in her bikini top and then decided that it was too restricting, so she pulled it off and started fishing topless.  Personally I think it is an improvement! First one boob out of her bikini top.  Mind the fishing reel

Topless Girls And A Catfish

OK, What Kind of Catfish Is That? You know I am a fishing nut when I am too busy trying to figure out what kind of a catfish that is to really pay attention to the topless girl holding it.  That or I have seen too many boobs in my life.  Who knows?  Anything is

Topless Amateur Girl Fishing

Amateur Girl Topless With Her Fishing Rods How many guys are thinking that they wish it was their rod she was holding?  Sure she isn’t the hottest topless fishing girl I have posted, but there is something about the natural charm of a country girl that is appealing, no? Looking for a gal to take

Woman fishing in just her panties!

This cute gal isn’t quite nude, but her panties don’t leave a lot to the imagination.  Where are all the hot fishing chicks up here in the Northwest?  I am betting this was shot in the south somewhere since she isn’t pasty white, chubby and wearing a NorthFace jacket.  ‘Cmon northwest gals.  Warm weather is

The Best Fishing Buddy Ever!

A hot girl that fishes topless is awesome! I bet any guys rafting the river were wanting to stop when they saw this gal hanging out with the guys fishing.

Topless Girl Fishing Video

What do you get when you stick models on fishing boat? OK, so I am sure these girls are not hardcore fishing enthusiasts, but who really cares?  They are good looking, half naked and playing around on deck.  That would make any fishing trip awesome! Naked Girls on a fishing boat by PlayboyTV  

Hot Blonde Women Fishing

Blonde Women Can Fish Too! The typical stereotype is that blondes are bubble headed and can’t do anything even remotely outdoors for fear of breaking a nail.  Well these hot blonde women are here to prove that image wrong.  They are hot, they are fishing and looking sexy all at the same time! Two hot

Two girls fishing topless for catfish.

Two topless girls and a catfish! I don’t know where these two topless women are fishing, but it would make a slow day on the water a whole lot more interesting to come around the corner and find these two girls fishing.  Though it doesn’t look like they are having a bad time of it